Adobe MAX 2013 in Los Angeles

Adobe MAX 2013

My first MAX conference was in 2003, and here I am now celebrating ten years of working with, talking to, and learning from some of the most talented people in the web world. This year I have two sessions, and as always I post my slides and demo assets for you (whether or not you were able to attend in person.)

Icons, Sprites, and CSS with Adobe Fireworks (Tuesday, May 7 at 2.30p PT)

How to use vector tools to draw icons, using button symbols to generate sprite sheets, and how to extract CSS from designs using the CSS panel or exporting styles as CSS – all with Adobe Fireworks. We then take the assets and CSS and incorporate them into a live web page.

Watch the recording on Adobe TV >

Download the Icons, Sprites, and CSS session materials >

Get the Import SVG and Export SVG (and Styles as CSS) commands.

Using the Creative Cloud to Create Responsive, Interactive Web Pages (Wednesday, May 8, 11.00a PT)

How to use the Creative Cloud tools (Fireworks, Dreamweaver or Code, Edge Animate, and Edge Reflow) and the Creative Cloud Connection to collaborate with a remote or distributed team to iterate designs, share feedback, provide assets, and create interactive and responsive web pages.

Watch the recording on Adobe TV >

Download the Creative Cloud and Remote Collaboration session materials >

Get the Export to Edge Animate command.

Special thanks to Shigeo Katsura-Gordon (Edge Animate homepage banner) and Alex Gennette (Edge Reflow responsive layouts) for their help and remote collaboration on the demo project, and to John Dunning and Aaron Beall for their always amazing extensions and commands for Adobe Fireworks.

If you enjoyed the pre-session music, here is what I played:

As always, it was great seeing everyone, and special thanks to all of you who attended my sessions or took the time to stop and speak with me. Feel free to post a comment or contact me if you have any questions, and I hope to see you again soon!

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