Unicorns from the Past

Unicorn Folder

I got my first personal computer in 1980 – a TRS-80 Color Computer with 16K RAM and Extended BASIC! It was probably the best birthday gift ever.

Favorite Adobe Fireworks Extensions

Now that Adobe Fireworks CS6 has been released, there is much interest in how to use it more effectively. Fireworks is a powerful tool, but it can be made even more powerful by adding extensions. I’ve been using Fireworks for more than twelve years, and here are some of my favorite extensions, the ones I…
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Instant Hipster Photo Styles for Adobe Fireworks

Sending modified photos from mobile devices has become big business for apps like Instamatic and Hipstamatic, but what if you want to create similar effects for photos not on your mobile device? Adobe Fireworks, Live Filters, and Styles to the rescue!