I really enjoy speaking and teaching and am available for conferences, seminars, and professional development training. I have been teaching at the university-level since 1992, have presented at numerous conferences, and regularly teach seminars and intensives on topics involving:

  • Interaction / information / user experience (UX) design,
  • Design ethics,
  • Prototyping,
  • Brainstorming and collaboration,
  • Design process and workflow,
  • Applied psychology,
  • Design narratives,
  • Presentation and speaking skills.

A list of my most recent engagements and a brief biographical statement can be found on the About page.

My upcoming engagements include:

  • “The Psychology of UX” (Adaptive Path + Onward Search), San Francisco, 18 September 2013
  • “UX + Prototyping” Seminar and workshop, Kansas City, September 2013
  • Designer to Developer Workflow Conference (D2WC), Kansas City, September 2013
  • “The Psychology of UX” Seminar (roundpegTV)), San Francisco, October 2013
  • “Designing for the Mind” Keynote address (VM013), San Francisco, November 2013
  • “Designing for Emotion” Keynote address (Mobile Web DevCon), January 2013


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