Instant Hipster Photo Styles for Adobe Fireworks

Sending modified photos from mobile devices has become big business for apps like Instamatic and Hipstamatic, but what if you want to create similar effects for photos not on your mobile device? Adobe Fireworks, Live Filters, and Styles to the rescue!

Live Filters are non-destructive, which means you can edit the settings and tweak the results as much as you want without worrying about destroying or altering the original image. These photo styles were optimized for images from 300 x 300 to 750 x 750 pixels, which makes them perfect for use on web sites and sharing pictures by email.

Here are the 17 styles included in this set (with an original photo shown for reference):

Instahip Photo Styles

To use these photo styles:

  1. Download InstaHip Photo Styles (ZIP file)
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Start Fireworks
  4. Open the Styles Panel
  5. Choose “Import Style Library…” from the options menu (top right corner)
  6. Navigate to and choose  the .STL file unzipped in step #2
  7. Instahip Photo Styles will now be in your Style Libraries
  8. Import or open a photo with Fireworks
  9. Choose and apply an InstaHip Photo Style
  10. Share and Enjoy!

Different effects will work better with different photographic content. For example, the Pinhole style works well on still life and scenery, but not on fast action shots. Try different styles to find what looks best for the photo, and you can always modify the style by editing the Live Filter settings.

Have fun, create your own photo styles, and share your instantly hip photos with us!

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