Portfolio Template for Fireworks

Portfolio Site

I will be giving a presentation on the workflow from Fireworks to Dreamweaver using CSS and Images export at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles in a few days, and the demonstration will include a new Fireworks template for creating a portfolio web site.

Portfolio Site

Download the Fireworks Portfolio Template Here

The zip file contains the portfolio template, instructions on how to add it to the Fireworks templates, and examples of the exported CSS and HTML for the pages in the template.

The Adobe MAX 2010 session recording is now available online:

5 thoughts on “Portfolio Template for Fireworks

  1. Hi Dave,

    Can’t wait for the session recording to be published! I’m right at the point in my (self)-education where this subject will become my world while I finish and publish my first from-scratch website using Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

    Looking forward!


  2. Hi Dot,

    There was a glitch in the recording at the conference, and I need to re-record the audio for the first 12 minutes of the presentation. It will be a few days before I can do that. 🙁

    In the meantime, I have a new pair of articles on the Adobe Developer Center about using Fireworks and Dreamweaver to build a web site, so check it out:


    Part 2 of the article should be published in the next week, but I think that part 1 will keep you busy for a little while. I don’t have a link to the second part yet, but you can check back here:


    Good luck on your first from-scratch web site, and share the link here at IDUX when you get it live!


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